Our staff members are very well trained and organized, with this we can handle almost any situations proficiently and accurately giving you the best service you'll be needing when playing in our server. Most of us are very friendly, we are here to aid players whenever possible and as fast as we can. Meet the staff members here!


In charge of keeping the server alive. Patch, policy, updates and changes to the server are all made by him.

Name: [GM] Fair Play

Game Masters Team:

In charge of events, policy and support.

[GM] Relikia

[GM] Stradivarius

[GM] Salazar

> More staff members will be hired soon.

Sat/Wed 6PM - 7PM

Donation Items

All donate items can be found in game cash shop. We have more than 870 cosmetic items for your choice. Remember: All donation items can also be obteined through quests or vote points.

10 USD