Fair Play Ragnarok Online is a new server. We offer 30/30/15% rates, Max level 175/60, with 3rd jobs and Summoner available, and deafault status. Our intention is to provide all fun that Ragnarok Online can offer without "pay to win" rules. All our donations items are cosmetic only and be obtained through quests or vote.

� Traditional. Fight to conquest your glory and items. NO PAY TO WIN RULES.

� Renewal rules, however we got rid of the renewal drop mode.

� Max Base & Job Level: 175/60

� 3rd Classes + Doran/Summoner

� Base & Job Exp Rates: 30x

� Item Drop Rate: 15/10%

� Normal Cards Drop Rate: 10x

� MVP Cards Drop Rate: 3x

� Storyline Quests + Hunting quests.

� Custom NPC for quests. All donation items can be obtained here too.


� go, rates, autotrade, feelreset, storage, autoloot, mobinfo, iteminfo, hominfo, whodrops, whereis, rms, irowiki, search, showexp.

Sat/Wed 6PM - 7PM

Donation Items

All donate items can be found in game cash shop. We have more than 870 cosmetic items for your choice. Remember: All donation items can also be obteined through quests or vote points.

10 USD